Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pokemon on a mission? Miracle of Jeremy

January 11 Week
  • Medical Adventure
  • Exchange central
  • Baptismal interview 
  • The miracle with Jeremy? 
I recognize how horrible I am at sending out a weekly email so I wish to make amends this year. 
Last Monday seemed so long ago.... Well I was in the hospital for most of it and that was quite the adventure.... No worries though,  it was just for more of my medical records to be understood from what I could explain and one or two tests to figure some other things out. Nothing big at all, in fact, I met a less active member who wants to be sealed in the temple to her spouse and kids for time and all eternity!
As a District leader I have the privilege and opportunity to go on "Exchanges" with other missionaries in their areas and they swap for a period of 24hrs. So basically one comes to our area and either me or my companion go to theirs for a day and we work and learn more about each other and find better ways to teach and learn. Plus, getting out of our area is a good adventure and it feels like we get a breather and rejuvenation. So I went on exchanges with Elder Wolfersberger up to Appomattox and then within the same week I went to Wakefield (the nut capital of the United States, and possibly the world) to exchange and be with Elder Burila. Both were fantastic and Elder Tanner had a blast with both exchanges as well.

When in Wakefield, I was able to interview a 9yr old and 11yr old for baptism. They made me feel old (and I am only 20!) because they said things like " oh you won't know what we are playing with or movies we are watching" so I asked them and they said it was Super Mario bros movie and they were playing Pokèmon...  Well for anyone who remembers me and my love for Pokemon and Mario and Nintendo things in general I immediately said "I remember watching those when I was your age" and they immediately looked at me with awe and wonder and the older kid said "word of wisdom, you're old"..... Thanks Kids who are 9 and 11yrs younger than me...

Well they both passed their interviews and they passed with flying colors of good things. The 9yr old was sweating because he thought he might not know the answer to the questions and started sweating Bullets when I asked him about what he can do to keep Sunday a special day. His response was something that even I needed to hear and understand more. He said (to an extent) that we need Sunday to be a better person. I had him Elaborate and he talked about how we need, at minimum, one day a week to make sure we can plan to be with the most important thing to us,  our family, and make sure we can be with them to help them out always. Coming from a 9yr old being raised by his grandparents due to family situations, this kid's testimony of the importance of families and the eternal perspective is phenomenal.

Well the miracle with Jeremy is not the miracle of the one writing this email. Elder Tanner and Elder Udy (Elder Wolfersberger's companion) found, while on an exchange, a family whom the father's name is Jeremy and he has been seeking for scripture that His family can use that will help his understanding of the bible and give new help for his life. Well guess what the Book of Mormon does!!! That exact thing! Especially 2 Nephi 3 in discussing the power the Book of Mormon has the power to not only sustain the Doctrine of Christ, but also to confound the false doctrine of the false prophets mentioned in Matthew 24. 

I know that Bible to be the word of God, as far as it is translated correctly, I also know the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God. And I know that Jesus Christ Himself leads this work and the prophet at the head of the church and that the blessings of God can and will be felt as we continue to seek God's Revelation by seeking personal Revelation through Prayer and reading and studying the Word of God. I know that God and Jesus Christ have called modern Day Prophets to be a beacon during this tumultuous time of the Latter Days. I know I, as well as the world can and will find peace by studying the Bible and Book of Mormon you will find peace, and reassurance Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Our Heavenly Father Loves us, He will never leave us without revelation to come closer to Him and His Son.

The photo is of me and Elder Burila taking a photo right before our exchange ends
Elder Burila and I during an exchange 
Elder Day 

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