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Ghetto at night...

  • February 15, 2016 
  • Baptismal interview
  • Exchange 
  • Ghetto finding some bros who knows
  • Learning the will of God

Mary Luttrell is going to be baptized on the 28th of February because she passed her interview with flying colors! 

After which I went with the leader of multiple sets of districts (called a zone leader) to Lawrenceville where he and I taught a man who spoke broken English and mostly Spanish. I didn't understand most of the words that were said but hey, the gospel shall be preached to every tongue and every people. 

This is the Zone leaders we went an exchange with (left to right ) Elder Hansen, Elder Day, Elder Simpkins, Elder Tanner
From there we had dinner with the Kings and then went with brother King to see the family of 3 that is ready to be baptized on the 5th of March. I had a good experience on the exchange with Elder Hansen (no it is not my previous companion, this Elder Hansen is assigned as a Spanish speaking missionary).

Now, I'm glad you asked yourself "what the heck is Elder Day and his companion looking for people to teach in a ghetto apartment complex at 8pm where it's pitch black outside" and the truth is, that was not our original intention, we have 2 investigators in this apartment complex and the times they said to come back were late. So we came back but they weren't home so, when you are in a place with people, you talk to the people! We saw 2 kids (kids as in 2 bros who we found out graduated the same year I did) standing in an open hallway connecting 2 apartment doors and decided to talk with us (I actually yelled "yo, we talkin' bout Jesus and ya should hear this message. We coming up, sound good?") and they agreed. 

This is the car he investigator we have been teaching let us sit in and take pictures in
So we both gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and started talking and they had questions about the repentance process and how to not be a "once a week Christian" as how they put it. So we talked about reading the word of God and then two of their friends came up, said what up and knocked on a door that was blaring some loud rap music. Their knocking didn't to anything so I asked if I could try and they all looked at me with raised eyebrows and said sure. So I knocked as hard as I could 5 times and yelled at the door "open up" and the music immediately went off and all the 4 guys faces were priceless. A younger lady answered the door and said who knocked like that and everyone pointed to me and I smiled and waved and said hello, she asked who we were and we said we were missionaries and she asked " can I have one of your pamphlets or your book?" So we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she thanked us and shut the door. Well I burst out laughing and everyone else gave me a look saying " you wanna get yourself killed?" Well the two kids we originally talked to we set up another appointment with them giving an assignment to read and I challenged them to a beat box battle after church the next day. They accepted but didn't come to church :'( we'll see them Tuesday.
The experiences of learning the will of God were 3
  1. God either withholds us from speaking or blesses us with the confidence to look without fear to make commitments and talk to people (both examples of this week's stories).
  2. I have learned more and more that the Book of Mormon contains the answers of life's greatest questions of the soul, those that concern us the most and help us know how to grow closer to God and as we read it in conjunction with the bible, all of the knowledge we need to know to live with our Heavenly Father can be known.
  3. In these months I have been away, I have seen the challenges of life through a different perspective, as a bystander. Sometimes the way we feel that God may be in our life when we don't recognize his hand in all things, and learning the importance of having a personal way of communication has helped me know the amount of love God has for each one of us. Our choices may prohibit some blessings we could or can still have, but that will never stop God from still trying to bless us as we follow the commandments he has given us and follow the example of his son Jesus Christ.

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