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February 8, 2016 

Meeting and mini inter-district exchange 

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  • Find,teach, baptize, ball?
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  • Tuesday I had a meeting that was 2 hours away so we had a member drop us off at the halfway point because another set of elders also had to go. The meeting was a long 3 hours with no breaks... Gahhhhh!!!!! But I saw Elder Hudson (my friend's cousin), Elder Johnson (my previous companion) and Elder Wolfersberger (a missionary that was in the district I have been in the last 3 months but moved locations 2 weeks ago). Both my previous companion and Elder Wolfersberger I am hoping I can be companions with once more in my mission... Like really bad. Who knows what God has in store. I went on a mini exchange with Elder Hollman (another district leader) because we were waiting on the ride to get back to the midway point. He taught me a lot about the mindset is everything. 

    There used to be 6 missionaries in our district but now there are only 4... But we met all 6 of us for the final time (because I felt they were snagged from right under me and I was sad to hear the 2 weren't in our district anymore). But we had some final goodbyes and I feel a lot better.

    I basically pushed a minivan out of a 5" ditch in the middle of a rainstorm. We had the Evans minivan attached to a truck but the truck somehow couldn't do what was needed to be done so... I got in some mud while the wheels were spinning in circles and pushed with all my strength and the minivan lifted about 3" because of that. I asked my companion to help but I think because of the last time we tried it he got mud all over his shirt, tie and pants... He just wanted me to do it. He only had 1 spare to change into so it was smart on his thinking.

    We found two people last week named Xavier and Justin and have been teaching them  pretty steadily. Xavier is going to be baptized on the third of March and Justin still has one or two questions to have an answer to that all it takes is taking more than 2minutes of reading the Book of Mormon. We also saw their Jr. college basketball game because the gym they played it at was right down the street from our house. They didn't recognize us because we had just come from a service project and were not in white shirt and tie... It cool to go and support them. They lost 68/80) but it was still cool to watch the mini dunkfest after the game was over.

    We had an investigator at church!!! It was awesome. They loved it and are preparing for baptism on the 28th
    we are trying to teach the man with the 32" Rimz... Remember him?

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