Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Movin' trucks

May 2, 2016

   Jeff. The Glorious Jeff
   Move of a lifetime
   Pizza Complete-za
   God's Gangstas are back?
   Unification of the Saints

Soooo.... Jeff. The dad who is as prepared as Paul to follow Christ (after he got rid of his Saul like stuff n stuff). He is really prepared and the only thing left is for him to get married and he is ready for the ability to bless his family with the priesthood of God. Please pray for Jeff.
We helped move a new member who came out with us the day he got in town. His name is Brother Cruz and he has come up with a name called "DaynLewis" which background, Brother Lewis is a member of the branch that knows a ton and is a practical jokester. I apparently am under that classification as well (but according to Brother Cruz, not as much as a jokester). Elder Shupe and Brother Lewis and I helped unload a Budget rental truck with Brother Cruz and his friend and his friend's boys. About 2/3 the way done... The Mendez family shows up as reinforcements of the second wave. It all was done in about 2 hours! The Pizza Complete-za (and nickname) comes from us going to Pizza Hut after where Elder Shupe, Brother Lewis, Eric (the Son of the friend) and I got breadsticks unbeknownst to the other table of people and when Bro Cruz found out he said something along the lines of "if it wasn't Brother Lewis it was Elder Day". Brother Cruz is a great man and will be a blessing to the branch.

We have been “finding” like crazy and got in contact with a family of 4 and another of 6. The Grandma of the family of 6 was the one that requested the Book of Mormon asking to herself and saying "when will be the day I can get one of those Mormon Bibles?" So we delivered the Book of Mormon and explained to her we Love the King James Bible and would never want to replace it. The "Mormon Bible", also known as the Book of Mormon, helps us understand and clarify the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness. Because of the years of taking away and adding things in the Christian realm there needed to be a Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that came with the purpose of the Book of Mormon, to have the fullness of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She really loved our message and Kevin (the recent convert to the church that was there) testified to its truth that he found for himself. We findin' the Crew and teachin' The Word to all we see.
That was something I noticed this past week. Every single person we talked to that knew something about the church loved the family oriented atmosphere and the "Unification" being the word I heard most often this past week. Before the 2nd coming of the Lord, there will be a unification of the saints, and many will be un-unified  (if that is a word). I pray all will be well with all y'all that read this and may God bless!
This is an upside down photo of the moving company (the 2nd and third row came an hour after we started)

Elder Day

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