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Teaching in Spanish?

May 16, 2016
   Padre Celestial él oración... En Español... Intercambió Español
   The baptism?
   Dilworth's Grandma
   Lesson of preparation (Kim whitehead)

Soooo.... Went on a Spanish exchange (basically means I went with another missionary to their area and they were assigned to teach those who spoke Spanish. There were a few things I realized from this...
1. I would like to be at least trilingual
2. From growing up in the Los Angeles area I knew a lot more Spanish than I thought I did
3. I can now say very simple personal prayers in Spanish!
4. I now more understand what people refer to "the gift of tongues

It was an awesome experience and I learned a lot from my companion for 24 hours (his name is Elder Harmer) and we had a lot of fun just talking about stuff. A lot of the stuff we talked about was doctrine of the church but here and there we got into some other topics like healthy eating and even just life in general.
The next two bullet points go hand in hand. So we were talking about gospel stuff with Dorothy and she had a question on baptism and said that it would take a long while before she would get baptized because she wanted to "know" that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that Thomas S. Monson was a prophet of God as well. We explained to her that a belief in wanting to know is sufficient and that knowing comes after trials. She thought a minute and said "ahh well I already believe that Mr. Smith was a prophet, it's just the new guy I need to find out more about." And she said that she would find get baptized before I left the area (which honestly, is probably in like 3 weeks...) so that's why the word baptism has a "?" At the end.
We were “finding” during some free time we had and decided to stop by the Dilworth's home and it turns out when we walked in, they were having a 88th birthday party for Brother Dilworth's grandmother so we came in, sang a song and received quite a many "thank you for preaching the word of God" comments from the 40 or so people there and then we had to go. But seeing the unity of the family was what really made that day a blessed one.
So this past week we had about 7 scheduled appointments not happen, so what did we do instead? We went to find those prepared to hear the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! And we did. We had talked to a family next door to an investigator's house and she said come by another day and it seemed to be the perfect time for her to talk with us! We found out that she might not have been as interested as we thought she was originally and after our lesson Elder Shupe asked if there was anyone who she (Ashley) knew that we could teach. Ashley said (almost immediately) that her friend Alexis who lived two doors down the road needed the message so...
We went and met Alexis and Kim W.   Kim asked most of the questions as Alexis listened in and Kim's questions all were about the things restored in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the questions were "where do we go as a waiting period after we die and before the resurrection" and "why aren't there prophets that are led by God today? So we taught her a bit and gave (as she called it) "some homework assignments" that she asked for us to leave with her. Please continue to pray for Jeff and Dorothy,  and also Kim. We are finding more and more prepared people who are ready to hear the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fullness of truth that has been restored

This is me and Elder Harmer. Freaking love this bro.
For our service hours we usually will help out at the food bank, other than that its yardwork on request and moving people from here to there. We usually have a nonmember or inactive come and help too so its a win win scenario.

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