Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wolf and Bruce

September 26, 2016

  Private eye
  Ozzwolf Fogg
  Bruce Adkins

So our week started out “wonderfully” when we had our 3rd run in with (in some way shape or form) the law enforcement. This time it was a private investigator who we were knocking some doors on his street and he came out with some not too nice smelling breath and told us (as we were talking with people) that we needed to leave and he "is now going to escort off premises" when we were about a block or two away from his house and he was waving a canat us saying we needed to leave... “wonderful”.

The next exciting part is Ozzwolf Fogg (yes, that is his name), a 13yr old from California whose family is all baptized.  All that's left to be baptized is him and his desire to do so. The thing is, he was baptized at 8 but there are no records of him being baptized besides a photo, so that's our task at the moment, reteach a 13yr old swarmed in video games and horror movies, the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare him for baptism by October 8th and so far, it's going great! He loves Fallout so we basically say that he needs to stop playing Fallout and “fall-in” to the blessings of Jesus. From the time that Elder Johnson and his previous companion started teaching, there has been incredible progress made with focus, respect, and love all around. I must say Ozzie is a good guy.

We went on an exchange with the Tappahannock Elders and Elder Gehrring and I went and did a lot of finding in our area of Mechanicsville (excluding the 3hour drive round trip to pick one up and drop the other off).

Bruce Adkins was baptized! After 50 years in a Baptist Church and 3 months of missionaries teaching him about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and all it contains, he was baptized by a recent convert named Norman Robinson. The service was one of those moments where everything was planned about a week in advanced except for one thing, so we just winged it and let me tell you, when the pianist is a missionary... life gets stressful, but it turned out alright in the end. Bruce shared a wonderful conversion story.

Elder Day, Elder Woods (who came up for the baptism and was helping Norman with lifting Bruce out of the water because of Bruce's bad knees).

 Bruce, Norman, and Elder Johnson

Grand Theft Auto?

September 12, 2016

So first of all we have a baptism next weekend for Bruce Adkins. good guy, been a Baptist for 50 years and now has very little ties to the Baptist faith and wants to be more enlightened by Christ and feels that this is what is the fullness of the truth.

We are preparing for Bruce's baptism and teaching a 13 yr old named Ozzie Fogg. He loves Grand Theft Auto 5..... we are thinking about having him break the disk before he is baptized. That would be really beneficial.

We had very few lessons taught this week sadly, we feel that one of the main reasons was because of solving issues between missionary companions who did not want to be around each other so one was transferred and the other stayed put. That was quite the deal to deal with.

Elder Tanner is in my zone and being companions with Elder Johnson again is weird yet awesome.

Elder Day


September 12,2016

Hey Momma, so I got permission to extend a month so I will be coming back on December 23rd instead of November 23rd, hope that is okay.

Wondering if I should fly into Rexburg and go straight to college. Anyway there will be more information about that further in this email.

I think it is cool that you were able to see one of your Seminary students be married in the temple! Just out of curiosity was she the one who would always come in late and eat food in the back? I think it was usually a banana and some other food as well... No clue, I just remember that there were a few that came in late with food and some others that had family struggles with being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Are they all doing well?

I bet Camille has become extremely bored at home with no friends there... Hope she hasn't been binge watching stuff on computer or tv that much.

I have been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants Section 9 and Verse 8 stuck out to me to ponder it in your mind and in a sense, do what you know is best. When thinking about extending I thought it out in my mind and decided to not do so. (I am really coming home in November) .

 I just wanted to slightly freak you out (sorry, that was the last time that I will be mischievous about stuff.)  I will be searching for the place to land in November and am thinking about the bob hope airport because it will not be as crowded than lax. What are your thoughts? Do you think that there would be an even better place? let me know a.s.a.p. because I need to send an email off by next Monday at the latest or they send me to lax If so, talk about it with dad because I asked him too. Dad also was wondering which family members I would like for when I come home and I said that as long as I have a room to myself when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning I will be fine. Invite as many people as you feel you would like to, but again, consult with dad. Even if I sleep in the closet downstairs with our food storage and some group can have my room I will be fine, I just want a place where I can wake up and not have someone else in the room.

I have created a "battle plan of Standards to have myself not fall into any pitfalls since I have become more converted and plan on staying this way I will do what I need to do. Love ya

Elder Day

New/ Old Companion

September 5, 2016

So I was transferred just above the river to an area called
Mechanicsville (and not 100%sure how it's spelled... So forgive me of

I am also with Elder Johnson! He has been a companion of mine in King
George, VA almost a year ago to the day... Isn't that crazy! We have
someone who will be baptized in September, so this month, and are
working constantly to find more and more awesome people here. Life is
good, God is great. Pictures would be nice so next time I'll have them
so don't be late.

The new address is
1509 Forest run drive apartment E
Henrico VA 23228

Elder Day

I love my new area so much that ....

August 29, 2016

I love my new area so much I am being transferred to another one... Life over here is good and I feel like the last few weeks I have been able to grow far more than my mission so far just because of opening an area and stuff. I will send a weekly email later today, no clue who I will be teaching until tomorrow afternoon.

This week
I'm being transferred for the fourth time, just kidding seventh. We
are having a blast here and we had a good week talking to a Catholic a
minister, inviting people to be baptized, and teaching.

Elder Day