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Day and Knight

August 22, 2015

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  Yes, there was no weekly email last week...
  Interview with President Smith and Happy Birthday!
  Zaire and the boyz 
  Day & Knight
  The miracle of a mission

Yes, there was no weekly email last week... Basically what happened was we had interviews with our mission president. I have much respect for him. Elder Genduso and I also sang happy birthday to President Smith on Monday. That was enjoyable.

Zaire Hyman, Damarco and Jay are amazing. They are three who are all on highschool and came to church!!! That was awesome. Zaire is a slot and safety in football and Jay and Damarco are basketball champs.

Went on an exchange with Elder Knight in Farmville. He is quite the missionary. I was back in the boondocks and we had a blast teaching people from all over the place (even someone that requested discussions who is incarcerated at the moment, interesting adventure).

Something that I have noticed is that 
1 This week has been really short but a lot has happened
2 I am thankful for the purifying atonement that The Lord has given for each to use and seen the difference it makes I people's lives.

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