Thursday, September 29, 2016

Grand Theft Auto?

September 12, 2016

So first of all we have a baptism next weekend for Bruce Adkins. good guy, been a Baptist for 50 years and now has very little ties to the Baptist faith and wants to be more enlightened by Christ and feels that this is what is the fullness of the truth.

We are preparing for Bruce's baptism and teaching a 13 yr old named Ozzie Fogg. He loves Grand Theft Auto 5..... we are thinking about having him break the disk before he is baptized. That would be really beneficial.

We had very few lessons taught this week sadly, we feel that one of the main reasons was because of solving issues between missionary companions who did not want to be around each other so one was transferred and the other stayed put. That was quite the deal to deal with.

Elder Tanner is in my zone and being companions with Elder Johnson again is weird yet awesome.

Elder Day

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