Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I talk way too much... Investigator at Church

July 4, 2016

  New President of the mission
  Mayondo La 

Sooo.... This week we had some more exchanges and when I was in the other area, we chopped down a tree with a chainsaw. I forgot my camera device so I never got a picture, but there there needs to be a next time! I was with an Elder McDonald on this exchange and I learned more about the "gift of silence". Basically I talk way too much... Still... And Elder McDonald taught me some key stuff when I asked him some questions about it. He also taught me more about the Book of Mormon and how parts that I didn't think could be personable were actually quite personally applicable.

We have a new mission president. His name is President Smith and we got to meet him on Saturday! He is a really awesome guy and I am excited to work with him. He likes having people smile in a way that doesn't make it awkward.

Since one of my companions is from Canada and we did not celebrate Canada Day, we will be celebrating the 4th of July instead. He might not be too happy overall but he is in the United States of America...

Mayondo La is an investigator we had at church!! He brought his 8yr old son too!! Crazy thing is, a member brought them to church. We had been having struggles having people come to church (which seems to be a main struggle for a lot of people)... But God is letting us know our efforts are not in vain. Good stuff!

That is about all the main things for this week.

This is Elder Beatty, he is going home in 2 weeks because he will have been on his mission for the 2 years. Plus he was in Staunton a year ago when I was there!!! He is awesome

Hey mom you'll love this, for the Fourth of July, my companion was hospitalized! Is that wonderful! We're still not 100% sure what's up but we got out of the hospital has been released so that's a good sign.

Elder Day

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