Friday, September 2, 2016

Last of Lawrenceville in photos

June 6, 2016

I am at the hospital at the moment so this is the only time I have to email...

  Has it been that long?
  Goodbye Branch of Lawrenceville
  Zone meeting madness

So I have been in this area for 7 and 1/2 months (which, for a missionary to be in one area for that long is not as common as one would think). I received my transfer call so I will be leaving Tuesday and it has been a struggle to find the words to describe the amount of love I have developed for the congregation and its members and the downright people in the area.

Oh, I also played my stringed instrument in a duet with another Elder. Elder Harmer. We sang the song How Great Thou Art. It was quite touching.

These pictures tell more than I could ever write in words of what memories I have had for the past 7 and a half months...

Derek Lewis and Marcus Davis

 Dorthy Wilson

The Mendez family

The Rogers Family 

Brother and Sister Covert

The Kings

The Cruz Family

Eriksson Family

The Hardy Family
Brother Hiatt and Brother Barry

The Jeffries Family 

The Jenkins 
The Tetto Family and Sister Banister holding the Tetto's youngest 

The Pearson Family (Jeff is crouching by Jr.)

The Jenkins 

All photos will be from top to bottom left to right but if there are more then 2 people I a, just putting the family name.
1Derek Lewis and Marcus Davis
2Dorthy Wilson
3The Mendez family
4The Rogers family
5Brother and Sister Covert
6The Kings
7The Cruz family
8The Eiriksson family
9Brother Hiatt and Brother Barry
10       The Hardy Family
11       The Jeffries family
12       The Tetto family ( and sister Banister, who is holding the Tetto's youngest
13       The Pearson Family (Jeff is the one crouching by jr.)
14       The Jenkins

Sorry if they got mixed up!  The editor 

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