Thursday, September 1, 2016

Keys and what not

May 30, 2016
  Dorthy Progressing
  Getting the keys

So this week it was very slow overall and there was little to talk about except the things mentioned above.

Dorthy Wilson is already cranking through the Book of Mormon and has read (in the past month at least 130 pages of the Book of Mormon and just literally wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before being baptized so it's just a matter of waiting and patience.

Went on an exchange with Elder Burila so that was fun! We taught a few new people and were able to talk about the past 7 months we had been in the same areas. Good ol' times.

We also had another bonfire at Brother Lewis' place with him and his sister and her family and a few other members of the branch. I had my fill of 8 hotdogs and a few marshmallows and some tortilla wrapped hotdogs. 

Friday we had a bit of an excursion. We moved an old lady from an apartment to a house and I forgot the car keys and house key and didn't know I had left them at her house until like 8:15pm. One would think from 2-8 we would need the car, but we had members with us and driving us already pre-scheduled to teach with us sooo.... Didn't fully recognize it until later. We went up there and thankfully she was awake then got the keys and scurried back home before 9:30pm (the missionary in-apartment deadline time) and sadly, we missed it by a few minutes, but we let the leaders know and they said it was okay. I must fully recognize the full help of Brother Lewis on such a short notice, please pray for him and stuff for helping us out.

So a member was talking with me and he found out about my stomach surgeries and heart surgeries and said "well now you know that the quickest way to a mans house is through his stomach" I was laughing really hard.

Elder Day 

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