Friday, September 16, 2016

Moving Day Bon Air Ward

July 25, 2016

Hey hey hey it's moving Day!

Isn't that a great play on words? I thought so...

  well,I am in a new area
  No investigators? With Holman...
  In a house

So this pretty much sums up my week. I am in a new area called the Bon Air Ward. It is the mission president's residing congregation for the time he is in the mission. Also, this is the first time that Elders have been in the Bon Air Ward since January of 2015 so everyone is excited that "elders are back" we share a Ward boundary with sister missionaries (who have been a blessing and tremendous help for having me and my companion Elder Holman (from Salt Lake City) adjust to the area. 
We have been finding and finding and finding and honest to goodness, we have found people to teach! We originally didn't know our jurisdiction of finding area but that was decided Wednesday with a meeting with the sister missionaries (we arrived Tuesday). Now we have about 10 people we are teaching and we credit all of it to not us. God has provided for all of our needs and we thank him every day for it.

We live in a house with another set of missionaries from the Clover Hill Ward. Their names are Elder Leavitt and Elder Scott. They are both amazing missionaries.
Elder Holman is a 6' 8" basketball star that is the most sincere man I have ever met on my mission. He is a genuine man that knows a lot and loves working. We went knocking doors for about 9 hours a few days ago (taking a 30 minute lunch and 30minute dinner break of course) and it was a blast!

left to right, elder Leavitt, Me, Elder Scott, Elder Holman (taking the photo)

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