Friday, September 2, 2016

No More Festerchield

June 13, 2016

Elder Wright is up close, Van Buren is in the back and I am driving on Charlottesville roads after driving on back roads for a "good minute" I had to adjust to city driving again.

  Awesome then gone....
  10 new people to teach
  Bronco Mendenhall ( I think that's how you spell it....)
  Threeo of Canadian and training

So I am officially out of the Lawrenceville. I also am in a trio, and I am part of training again... I thought the training was done but it is not. We call ourselves the “threeo” because it is pretty awesome. We also have been going finding a ton and found 10 new people to teach. One lady, we found at 8:50.  She wanted faith so if she reads the book of Mormon and has the desire to be baptized and she can regain all of her faith. At 75, and never baptized- she had a desire to be baptized July 2. The reason that I say had is because after our second lesson with her she called us and said she wanted to be baptized in her church that she had not been attending for about 45 years because she did not like the preachers that it been going and preaching for the past 45 years... I just hope she's doing well. 

I am a missionary in the Charlottesville first Ward now and in the Charlottesville second Ward is Bronco Mendenhall. Brother Vitale So'oto (we just call him Bro So'oto) is his defensive line coach for UVa. He is legit.

The trifecta consists of me, Elder Van Buren, and Elder Wright.
We have been finding like mad fools (as stated prior) and the one miracle I want to say is when we were sharing a video to a guy named Danté who was checking the oil on his car and we asked if we could share a video with him and some kids that were playing nearby wanted to watch the video and after it was done, a nine year old that watched the video said, "Hey I want my mom to see this video," so she led us to her apartment and told her mom there are "White Jesus guys that have a God video to show you! Come on!" And her mom came down and she herself loved the video so we are teaching her and the other families in the area.

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