Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Raps and Transfers

July 18th, 2016
•  Cow-a bunga 
•  20th of August
•  The kings of Rap
•  Transfer calls

So, we have been doing good stuff. As you can see I drew a very big cow and calf (that don't 100% look like a cow or calf) for kicks because I was bored one night at around 10pm.

Mayondo is going to be baptized on August 20th, so we are super excited! We had a great lesson with him. Because he speaks and reads really good Swahili and French (rather than English), we were able to find the lessons we had in French so he can read them and understand them now! Everyone is happy because of it.

There is a member of the ward named Keyshawn and we took him out with us to go and visit a few people. During the car ride my companions asked that Keyshawn and I have a freestyle rap battle, so we did. I completely was destroyed after about two minutes of us going back and forth, but it was fun. My companions thought I would do okay, but dang, freestylin' is hard when you are in a rap battle. The rule was keeping it clean. So that was fun.

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