Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wolf and Bruce

September 26, 2016

  Private eye
  Ozzwolf Fogg
  Bruce Adkins

So our week started out “wonderfully” when we had our 3rd run in with (in some way shape or form) the law enforcement. This time it was a private investigator who we were knocking some doors on his street and he came out with some not too nice smelling breath and told us (as we were talking with people) that we needed to leave and he "is now going to escort off premises" when we were about a block or two away from his house and he was waving a canat us saying we needed to leave... “wonderful”.

The next exciting part is Ozzwolf Fogg (yes, that is his name), a 13yr old from California whose family is all baptized.  All that's left to be baptized is him and his desire to do so. The thing is, he was baptized at 8 but there are no records of him being baptized besides a photo, so that's our task at the moment, reteach a 13yr old swarmed in video games and horror movies, the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare him for baptism by October 8th and so far, it's going great! He loves Fallout so we basically say that he needs to stop playing Fallout and “fall-in” to the blessings of Jesus. From the time that Elder Johnson and his previous companion started teaching, there has been incredible progress made with focus, respect, and love all around. I must say Ozzie is a good guy.

We went on an exchange with the Tappahannock Elders and Elder Gehrring and I went and did a lot of finding in our area of Mechanicsville (excluding the 3hour drive round trip to pick one up and drop the other off).

Bruce Adkins was baptized! After 50 years in a Baptist Church and 3 months of missionaries teaching him about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and all it contains, he was baptized by a recent convert named Norman Robinson. The service was one of those moments where everything was planned about a week in advanced except for one thing, so we just winged it and let me tell you, when the pianist is a missionary... life gets stressful, but it turned out alright in the end. Bruce shared a wonderful conversion story.

Elder Day, Elder Woods (who came up for the baptism and was helping Norman with lifting Bruce out of the water because of Bruce's bad knees).

 Bruce, Norman, and Elder Johnson

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