Friday, November 4, 2016

So busy and Hallo-Clean

October 31, 2016
Happy Halloween! 

This week felt really really long but at the same time it was flying by which is just sooo weird for my brain to comprehend. 

So last Monday evening was one of the best ones in this area. After p-day we went to dinner at the Mead families house with our investigator.  First of all, the Meads are just awesome; they have 8 kids and are so fun. So Jennifer, one of our investigators who is really progressing, came to the dinner with her kids as well. The kids all went off to the basement and played the whole time which was great and we just got to sit around the table and hang out and have a lesson with Jennifer and the Meads. It was so perfect for Jennifer seeing 2 people that have used and seen the gospel work in their lives and just get to have real people experience. It was the perfect night and Jennifer was definitely feeling the spirit, it was a great night for her. 

Tuesday was pretty good as well. In the morning we had district meeting then we ran to the other side of Richmond to have our Stake coordination meeting with the Stake President. Mission President Smith was also there and after the meeting, we went out to lunch with him, the other Richmond zone leaders, and the assistants. Then we drove all the way back to Chickahominy to exchange with them. I had an exchange with a brand new missionar, Elder Wilkinson. He is a big brother who used to be the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band. He is still nervous about talking to everyone but it was alright because we went street contacting and taught the "Jesus Krew" a group of 4 high school students who gave us that title and made some sort of instagram or Facebook post of us from the selfie we took with them.

We exchanged back the next day and had quite the adventure because the evening of Wednesday was awesome! We went to the church and had a church tour with Jennifer. The kids were able to hang out with the other kids in the gym and then we went with the Meads and walked around the church talking about the sacrament, the different meetings, and then ended at the baptismal font. It was great and she was really feeling the spirit and just confirmed again that she wants to be baptized and she is more comfortable to come to church. 

Friday we went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and did service. They are getting ready to put all of their lights up for Christmas and so we pulled off some leaves from dog wood trees for 2 hours so they could take them inside and light them up. It was therapeutic. After that we took Norman out with us from like 4:30 to 9 pm and it was sweet. We hit Jersey Mikes for dinner and then had a lesson with Paul that was great. We also were able to see Kathy and talk about the plan of salvation with her and Elder Larson took his white board and drew it all out while I explained - and she was doing so great. We finished the night talking to Bruce who is doing great and man! that guy can talk. His health has been improving and he is loving coming to church. 

Elder Larson, Denis and I
Saturday morning we took Denis out contacting with us for like 5 hours and we didn't talk to a soul. It was just a dead day. But tonight was great we went to the ward Halloween party and Jennifer and her kids came and loved it. The ward was so great and just loved them and I can’t wait till she can come to church. 

Sunday was also a pretty good day. Kathy came to church but Jennifer couldn't make it which is sad but we know she is trying. After church we went and met a less active Bro Pettiford who is great. He loves missionaries and is a convert of like 15 years from NYC. We talked and talked then asked him if he wanted to come out with us and he did! So we went and had a lesson with the Praks who are another convert family from Cambodia and it was awesome. We also went over the baptismal interview questions with Kathy and she has the strongest testimony. Her and Jennifer should be all set to be baptized on the 19th of November and we are so excited! 

Today we are doing Hallo-clean which is between 5 and 9 all the missionaries are staying in their apartments and deep cleaning, its going to be the best Halloween ever!.... but anyways, love y'all! Happy Halloween! 

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