Friday, November 4, 2016

State Capitol, Tons of ...

October 10, 2016

On Monday we went to visit the Virginia State Capitol and a museum for zone pday. I will include some pictures at the end. 

Tuesday was a lot of fun. We did service at the botanical gardens again where we pulled up old plants and prepared the beds for new plants. While knocking some doors in the evening we had a lady tell us "Go away, I'm asleep." Hmm... alright.

We got an awesome referral and went we visited, a guy named Bruce answered the door and he was pretty excited to see us. When we taught him later in the week, he had read from the Book of Mormon, prayed, and felt that it is true! We were so pumped to hear that. 

Two days in a row we met people that had slipped through the cracks. Both had read a bit of the Book of Mormon and had been waiting for us to come back! 

This week was just filled with a ton of miracles that can't be fully appreciated unless you are a part of them. 

On Saturday we got a member to come with us to an appointment but it fell through. As we were headed home we thought of a lady that we had taught about a month and a half ago. She told us to come back later in the evening and when we did we had an awesome lesson with her. We testified of God's purpose- bringing families together for eternity- and the spirit was very strong. The sad part was that we were expecting a transfer call later that night and this lady, Jennifer, hates it when missionaries leave because she had gotten pretty attached to them. 

We found out Sunday that Jennifer had read four chapters in the Book of Mormon when she originally thought she wouldn't be able to even read one verse a day. She really felt the spirit! 

Hope all is well!

Elder Day

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